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Soldier’s Prayer
“Lord Jesus, I choose to serve you. To fight the good fight, to shoulder my share; to refuse the easy way out. Dear Lord teach me to accept and carry my cross to the bitter end.
During the hardships and ridicule of this life grant me the grace to persevere; the grace to march towards you with every step, every thought, and with every breath. Even through I stumble or fail.... Hope remains. Hope in You my Lord will always remain. Victory in Christ. Amen”
MSG. Cutone, Michael      
US Army Special Forces
ODA 944  C/1/5th SFG(A)
2005-2006 Iraq

The Leadership of Jesus
Ten Fundamentals of Leadership
By MSG Michael M. Cutone
Paperback 132 pages
US $12.00

Considered par excellence on the topic of leadership; a straightforward and classic statement regarding the understanding and application of authentic leadership. Drawing from the teachings of Christ, the Gospels, the lives of the saints and lessons learned during 23 years of service with the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets). MSG Michael Cutone masterfully unfolds a powerful treatise on leadership that clearly identifies ten principles. Further he challenges all of us; "Who among us will answer the call? Who among us will pick up and labor under the weight, the ridicule, the hardship, and the glory of carrying your cross towards Christ Crucified?"  MSG Michael M. Cutone


St. Camillus Story
Former soldier whose dramatic conversion would lead him to the priesthood and the founder of the religious order known then as “Ministers of the Sick”, and now called the “Hospitallers”. His order wore black cassock (black priest robe) with a large red cross on it. St. Camillus order would inspire the founder of the civilian red cross.

St Camillus lived in the late 1500’s, his story is compelling; military battles, sickness, suffering, addiction to alcohol and gambling, and finally conversion to God. He would display heroic charity for countless suffering people. Camillus was a worldly man, an imposing figure at 6 foot 6 inches in height, a soldier who enjoyed fighting, eagerly lived the life of a soldier that was separated from God. He fought against the Turks, had a severe addiction to gambling and drinking that continually reduced him to poverty and shame. He also suffered tremendously throughout his life from various ongoing illnesses specifically a crippling leg wound for 46 years, a wound that wound never heal, chronic and painful feet problems, a distaste for food that caused him an inability to retain it. None of his own great sufferings kept him from always thinking of others first, serving Christ and striving to serve the many sick and dying people under his care. Pope Leo XIII canonized him in 1746 and declared Camillus the Patron of the Sick.

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Schedule: Leadership training for your staff or workers.
  • Ten Principles of Leadership taught to workers or staff
     understand & how to apply principles, drawing from  
     Gospels and Church teachings)
  • 23 plus years of leadership training with US Army Special Forces: Teaching expertise, training fundamentals and preparing men for real world missions.
  • Real world experience with teaching leadership in various settings around the world.
  • Training is tailored to meet your needs and objectives.
  • Leadership comes with a cross. Are you prepared to carry yours?
Prayer Cards: All cards are 3 1/2" x 2" on 16pt stock 
with a high gloss UV coating that acts like a
synthetic laminate. Front side has image, back side
has prayer text.has prayer text.

   The book is outstanding and I am going to buy more and give them out to
my prayer groups. I had a conversion story similar to yours. I am a retired
Chief from the Vietnam era. Your book is going to help a lot of people to understand what we have to do to win the battle against Satan and the rest of his bunch. Thanks a lot for your good work it is a godsend for us."

Sincerely In Christ,
Robert  Garrett
Sidney, ME
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The Leadership of Jesus
Ten Fundamentals of Leadership
Coming Soon! DVD talk
Call for Fire Close Air Support Praying the
Holy Rosary
Pack of 10 cards $3.00
Pack of 10 cards $3.00
Pack of 10 cards $3.00

Warrior Prayer Packet:
Miraculous Medal, history of Miraculous Medal. Background on Militia of the Immaculata (MI) and founder St. Maximilian Kolbe. Enrollment with MI, Consecration to Mary, and the true meaning of suffering. RANGER Creed and being Catholic.
Seven prayer cards: Prayer to Sacred Heart of Jesus, Christ crowned with thorns, the Shoulder Wound of Jesus, Devotion to Seven Sorrows of Mary, The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Soldier's prayer, and My Last Moments prayer.
St. Maximilian Kolbe
Paperback 132 pages
US $12.00
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